Eassy on Use of Electricity in Daily Life

Electricity is the most amazing discovery in the history of human civilization. This discovery has made many difficult and impossible tasks easy and comfortable for people. Electricity has arranged ala in the dark. The distance has been made, able to find an easy and beautiful way of knowing the unknown. Science is constantly enriching human civilization with new discoveries.

Electricity in Daily Life

What is electricity?

Electricity is a kind of energy. No task can be accomplished without well-controlled use of energy. Many difficult tasks can be completed quickly with the help of well-regulated electricity. Electricity has made the world very fast. This energy has brought a slow pace to the slow lives of the people. Not only that, power is an incomparable magical power of performance.

Invention of electricity

Scientist Michael Faraday discovered power in a series of amazing discoveries in science. And scientist Thomas Alva Addison implemented this electrical energy application technique. This discovery of Faraday and Addison opened new horizons in the development and progress of modern civilization.

Power in the progress of civilization

The modern world is a glorious pride. This glorious glory did not develop overnight. Many generations, after many ups and downs, civilization has gained modernity today. The contribution of science to this glorious civilization. And the greatest means of science, electricity, is the driving force of modern civilization. In fact, today's civilization is largely dependent on electricity, without which it is not possible for people to walk even a step. In the factory, in the evening, to illuminate the house, to get rid of the heat, etc., every nook and corner needs electricity. So, it can be said that modern civilization is an electric civilization.

Electricity in daily life

Power is the main driving force of the present civilization. People all over the world are using electricity in different ways. Modern life cannot be imagined without electricity. The need for electricity in our daily lives is immense. There is no alternative to electricity in the operation of our daily requirements, such as electric fans, lamps, wireless, tape recorders, televisions, telephones, telegraphs, faxes, e-mails, telex, refrigerators, computers, air conditioners, etc. Moreover, there is no speed without electricity in the medical sector, communication system, office-court, industrial sector. like

Electric fan and lamp

The importance of electric fans in providing peace to people in the hot summer season is very high. Without it, people can't even walk for a moment in the summer. And its main driving force is electricity. On the other hand, electric lamp is one of the daily necessities of human life. The need to ignore home, road, office-court, etc., is indisputable. Without it, the city-port becomes a kind of obsolete one.

Refrigerator & Air-Conditioner

A wonderful contribution to refrigerator science. It stores food. It keeps food fresh by preventing digestion. And electricity maintains its efficiency. Air-conditioners are used to cool homes and offices by cooling the hot air, which runs with electricity.

Radio and Television

With the help of radio and television, there are reports of current events in the country and abroad. Various programs and information on entertainment, education and epidemiology are disseminated. With the help of television, apart from knowing various events taking time at the country and abroad, it can be viewed live. And its activities are carried out with the help of electricity. Telephones, mobile phones, telegraphs, faxes and e-mails also play an important role in remotely communicating news. At the core of the use of these devices is electricity.


Another amazing discovery of computer science. It is widely used in quick and accurate calculations and data storage, trade, medicine, sports, publishing, industry, education, population, economy, culture. From having a plane and a train seat to playing chess and a variety of video games, computers are being used. The offender can be identified with the help of fingerprints on the computer. Today, it has taken a permanent seat in various banks, insurance, telecommunications, research and analysis, pastel services, etc. And the contribution of electricity is at the root of these activities of the leading computer of human civilization.

Electricity in the medical field

The modern medical system is actually a better medical system. And there is a huge contribution of electricity behind this reform. The discovery of X-rays has made it possible to see the state of the human body. ECG ultrasonography etc. are electrically powered and out of these reports are also capable of being given quickly and accurately through power operated computers.

Printing industry

The invention of the printing press for the development of knowledge is a wonderful achievement of science. Today, with the help of printing presses, thousands of books of knowledge and science are being published, contributing to the progress of human civilization. Also, there are rare opportunities to read various news from home and abroad through newspapers. These books and newspapers are being printed with the help of electricity.

Electricity in the communication system

To make the transport system easier and faster, developed countries have developed sophisticated trains and aircraft. At the core of which is electricity. Also, the fastest T is underground metro

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