5 Tips to How To Get a Job in USA as a Student- With Lower Result

In this post I am going to give you a little bit of advice about how you can begin to apply for a job as an international student after graduation and how to get a job in usa, if you're interested in this information stay tuned.
How To Get a Job in USA
How To Get a Job in USA

Tips number 1: is how you start the job search process I always recommend the following tips for you if you are graduating in December you have to begin the job search process in August, if you're graduating in May you have to begin the job search process in January,and if you are graduating in August then you have to begin the job search process in May, the THREE-MONTH rule is very important for international students because it gives you room to provide some options for yourself especially when it comes to the work authorization process.

Tips number 2: meet with a career counselor from your career services office you know it's funny when I was an undergrad I didn't even know a career services office existed but in the United States there's actually an office that caters to providing opportunities for you to be able to get the best skills possible to be able to be the best candidate in the job search.

so I would definitely recommend that you connect with your career counselor in your school and then when you get the list of companies that traditionally hire students from your school find out from this list of companies how many have hired international students, see how that three month gap comes in handy?

so what you're going to be doing is purposefully ask what of those companies has international employees or has hired international students.

Tips number 3: attend the career fair held at your institution every year you should attend the career fair your freshman year yours ophomore year your junior year and of course your senior year when you're graduating,

I'll tell you why this is helpful as you apply for a job after you graduate when you go there in your freshman year, you just want to see what companies are out there. In your sophomore year you're beginning to say hey I'm very interested in working for you in the next few years what are somethings I can do with my education to be the best candidate?

And then in your junior year you're possibly going to see if you can pursue an internship under CPT which is the international student status to be able to gain work experience and then obviously your senior year you're going to be applying for the job so building relationships. In my country it's about who you know right the same in the United States.

Tips number 4: get a list of alumni who have graduated from your University who are also international on f1 visa status and then network with them find out how they got the opportunities where they are network network network you'll never be sorry for doing that and finally.

Tips number 5: work on the USA job search materials work on you two to three but one to two-page resume work on your one-page cover letter and gather your two to three references that will be called when you are pursuing the job search process folks as you can see those five tips are absolutely critical for you to partake in in the three-month period before you begin your job search process.

And check my channel for additional videos on how you can be able to navigate from f1 to opt to the green card through work authorization process in the United States and folks you know if you subscribe to my channel I will provide you a list of schools that offer scholarships for bachelor's master's andPhD students simply send me an email and then let me know in the email what list you prefer from the three that I've just told you.

if you really value This Post, if you find that this type of information is useful for you as an international student during this trouble times, please leave a comment what are wanted to about more or write about your confusion.

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